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Missed SAT Deadline!

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    Hey everyone,

    I just missed the registration deadline for the November SAT's by a day, so I registered for the December ones. This will be my first time taking them, because up until the past month I was unsure about whether or not I would apply to the USA.

    How late is too late? I realize that I must finish my applications, but most deadlines are January 1 for US schools. I have left this quite late, and this is probably my only chance to do well on the SAT's. Has anyone else been in this situation? How did it turn out? (I've been studying from Princeton Review's "Cracking the new SAT's").

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    It all depends on where you want to apply and which tests they require. If they need 3 SAT IIs as well as the SAT I, you may be too late. I would check with individual schools.
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    I live in the US and left taking the SAT until my senior year. I took it 3 times (Oct, Nov, Dec..I think).
    Oct: 780 math, 470 verbal
    Nov: 740 math, 520? verbal
    Dec: 640 math, 610 verbal

    The only book I used was the 10 SATs book. For the math section, I just did the math problems in the 10 tests. For the verbal, I took the first time without doing anything at all (english isn't my first language). I studied just vocab words from a google search for SAT vocab and got it up to 610. I could have done a lot better on my math section if I wanted to but I was told that the scholarship I was after only looks at the highest math and the highest verbal score. That wasn't the case and I didn't get the scholarship, because I was an idiot. Anyways, for the math section, do as many problems as you can. I can't really say how to study for the verbal section since they changed the SAT's around and now you don't need vocab anymore (I think). However, I'd imagine doing 10 timed SAT tests wouldn't hurt.
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    I think you'll be ok for the most part. I think they say 6-8 weeks for the schools to receive the scores, so they should get them by mid-January-early-February. I would go ahead and call or e-mail any schools you're interested in and make sure that's ok. At my school, for example, the deadline for *submitting* your application (for international students) is 31 January, but you have until 1 May to *complete* your application, i.e., get SAT's, transcripts, letters of recommendation, etc. in. It may not be that way at all schools though, which is why I recommend calling them before submitting an application. No sense sending in $50 US for an application to a school if they require the application to be completed by 1 Jan. Make sure you tell them you're an international student when you ask since the cutoff date for international applications is often different than the cutoff for U.S. students.
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    The university will have a deadline as to when you need to take the SAT. It is the deadline where you have to TAKE it however, not when they have to recieve it.
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    I'm pretty sure that ETS (the company that runs the SAT) will let you sign up late if you pay a late fee.
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