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Missing Bad Behavior Button

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    Rut Roh

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    This is just a suggestion for thought maybe, but I have noticed that every body has a bad post button we can push to get a moderator's attention, but we aren't allowed to have access to our own bad behavior button.

    Would it be possible to activate the bad behavior button for our own posts also? When I mess up, I don't have a problem addressing it and taking responsibility for whatever the problem was. But I am denied this token of responsibility with not having access to my own bad behavior button.

    Thank you,
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    Perhaps a compromise solution would be to ask other users to please push your bad behavior button for you.
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    Or just PM a mentor :smile:
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    Tom Mattson

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    You can do even better than that: You can delete your own posts!
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    Rut Roh

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    Well, deleting an entire post would have more integrity than having to turn to an arbitrator for taking responsibility for my own behavior. <smile> But it sure does mess up the smoothness of a thread.
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    A bad behavior button of one's own

    This reminds me of A Scanner Darkly, wherein an undercover cop who happens to be a pot-smoking hippy in his off-duty life and who's identity is (through the magic of technology and per departmental procedures and regulations) hidden from his superiors is inadvertently assigned to spy on his own off-duty self -- and report on his own bad behavior.

    One's own bad behavior button, indeed.
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    I never knew that button existed. Sounds more like a, "Whine about members you don't like button."
  9. Apr 28, 2004 #8

    Rut Roh

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    Hitssquad: LOL @ "A Scanner Darkly" That would be a very interesting position to find yourself in. I hadn't heard of that one.

    Dagenais: The bad behavior button is the little red triangle on the left of the screen at the bottom of each post. The purpose is, I guess, that it is a quick response method to get a moderator's attention to stop a bad situation from getting out of hand.
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