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Missing bee orchids

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    I have been down to craggy bottom for a walk, on the way back i went via
    dingle dell and up to s spinny ,to look at the bee orchids, but horror of
    horrors, they have all gone, and all around where they grew is a circle
    trodden into the under growth, i thought this very strange, what can be going
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    What are bee orchids?
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    wolram - are you referring to this plant - http://www.uksafari.com/beeorchids.htm

    Vandalism perhaps? :frown: :mad:

    Protecting our bee orchids in Haverhill June 17, 2005 - seems they are quite scarce (rare?).

    from the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust
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    Thats the one Astro

    wolram - are you referring to this plant .
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    Oooh, that's pretty! And so devious...the poor male bees! :eek: :rofl:

    Sorry yours have been stolen or trampled. :frown:
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    sorry to hear that.. :frown:

    as a side note, when I was typing this post, my TV shut itself off
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