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Missing file extension

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    I have this file that has no extension (not just bcs it's hidden), so I don't know what to use to open it. Do you guys have any ideas on how to figure out what the file is?
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    Where are you finding the file and what is the name?
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    Right Click -> Properties

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    Get an editor that can view any file in a hex/binary format.

    You might get a clue from looking at the start of the file.
    If it's not obvious at a glance, you might have to google to learn about the various file formats.

    You could also try trial-and-error... make a copy and change the extension of the copy, then try to have the default application open it. Of course, there is some danger here if your file is infected with a virus or something.

    (If you have files that are somehow similar in basename or date, you may be able to guess what it is.)
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