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Homework Help: Mistake in my book?

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    = (b-a)^2

    I am ok with this but there is am intermediate step shown

    -------------- (2)

    I don't see where the multiplication by 2 comes from and it is not shown in the errata.
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    You are right that there should be no multiplication by two there.

    I am not sure how it exactly appears in your book, but does it appear like you typed it here, with the 2 between parentheses? I am asking because sometimes books number equations and often when equations are numbered, the number is put between parentheses.
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    It is clearly a multiplication. It is a solution manual for a text and I can't find a published errata. I am just going to assume it is a mistake and move on. Thank you, kdv.
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    Ok. Then it is a typo.

    You are welcome.
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