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MIT explanations on BNCT

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    I've read MIT explanations on BNCT and some other articles but Istill have some questions about it!(I want to know these in details) 1st of all which neutron sources is used for BNCT? Which neutron energy is suitable for BNCT and why? which methods are used to make neutron' energy suitable for BNCT?
    I'd appreciate if you introduce some useful articles regarded to my question!

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    Re: Bnct

    BNCT, as far as I know, doesn't use a source. They use either reactors or accelerators.

    Energy is a bit of a sticky point - you want low energy neutrons to increase the boron capture probability, but you also want a well-collimated beam to point at the tumor. These two desires conflict with each other at some level.
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    Re: Bnct

    Here's an example from Australia's OPAL reactor on 'cold' and 'thermal' neutrons.

    http://www.ansto.gov.au/discovering_ansto/anstos_research_reactor/opal_capabilities [Broken]
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