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MIT online courses, sort of

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    http://www.exoticworldart.com/ufodbase/index.php?page=50 [Broken]
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    Gee. Someone linked to MIT's Open Courseware web site. It's been around for a few years now. Just go direct to the source:

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    Gee, it's been around for years.

    That's good to know and really helps.

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    I think the point that Fred was getting at was the fact that you have over one thousand posts at this site and you still don't know about the OCW site
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    The point was pretty transparent but thanks for explaining anyway.

    Forgive my inomniscience.
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    I didn't see anything in your post that was asking for help.

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    GZA, I like that image.
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    So....what was the point of the OP? Providing a link to a site so someone can link to another site that has been posted here many times before isn't making a lot of sense.
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    Mayb he did it with good intentions, so stop picking on him. Members have done far worse than this and they didn't come under this kind of scrutiny. Instead of all this, just lock the thread and remove the link.
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    I agree, the Op was trying to share something helpful. Not everyone knows everything, a post to say that we already have a link to the MIT courses should have sufficed.
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