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MIT or Stanford?

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    I'm going for a career preferably in Particle Physics, but I still have a couple years to worry about college, so I'm just wondering, Stanford or MIT? Or somewhere else? And why Standford, MIT, or other?
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    You might take one class in particle physics as an undergraduate. You do not need to pick a school specializing in it until graduate school, and hopefully by then you'll have narrowed down what you're actually interested in and be able to pick a program with particular professors you'd like to work with. Any top school would be fine for undergrad, but they are very competitive, so chances are good you won't have to make a choice between them; they'll do that for you. Grad schools well-known for particle physics include U Chicago, Stanford, and U Maryland.
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    You first have to worry about getting admitted :-) :-)

    The good news is that there are lots of schools doing particle physics and a quick google will give you lots and lots of physics departments that are doing particle physics related things. I've found that it's usually a good idea not to narrow down things too quickly, because that way you are still in the game no matter what the admissions committees say.
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