MIT Student Research Program

I am applying for the MIT Student Research Program.

I have developed a mechanical mechanism for infinitely Variable Valve timing in reciprocating engines (which to the best of my knowledge no one has done so far. Electrical and hydraulic camless mechanisms exist but they are expensive. Mine is a mechanical method which uses cams although electricity is used for varying timing but the power consumption is far lower than the other two). I showed my work to a prof of mechanical engineering at Indian Institute of Technology (widely considered the best in India for engineering) and he said that it looked feasible though only experimentation would confirm it.
Plus I have done some research on rotary engines, won a few awards in comp. competitions, have done Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer course, bunch of multimedia and web design courses, c++ and java and have a good amount of knowledge on Aerodynamics, Reciprocating engines, Vector Calculus etc and an extremely strong interest in research especially in engines.

Do you think this will pull me through especially since I'm an international student?

PS:- Would Pulse Detonation engines and gas turbines come under Mech. engg or aeronautical engg.?
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Any comments?

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