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  1. A month or so ago I started a thread on this board about a little dilemma I faced between an undergraduate edcuation at Ohio University or MIT. At the time, it looked like the finance issue would be an impossible obstacle and so I was set on OU. However, in the past few weeks things changed dramatically and I am now officially signed up for MIT. Just wanted to post the final conclusion of the story on the board for anyone interested. Thanks again; things turned out pretty freakin' well.

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  3. congrats man
  4. Good job, have fun over there :)

    If luck wins over, I'll meet you over there in two years, sigh.
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    congratulations. MIT is one of the most excellenmt universities in the world. try to take something from mike artin if he is still there, or david vogan if he is there, or arthur mattuck.
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    check out the best teachers with the current students, but i recommend mike artin, arthur mattuck, david vogan, and probably george lustzig, and victor kac, and johan dejong, although I do not know them personally.
  7. Arthur Mattuck has his differential equation lectures online. Talk about an amazing professor! I would have killed to have him as my professor for probably ANY math class :)

    You're lucky man. That's awesome!
  8. Congratulations. Your going to get one hell of an education.
  9. Congratulations!

    Maybe you'll be lucky enough to do your graduate studies in the UK :wink: :tongue:
  10. As one who did their undergraduate work at OU, I can say that it's certain that you'll get a world class education at MIT, but you're going to miss one hell of a good time at OU.

  11. i've heard good things about artin and mattuck, and i took modern algebra with kac, who was great. however, i've heard not-so-great things about lustzig...

    but congrats!
  12. Let me guess? Financial aid? I hope you're doing well.
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    Congratulations! You should drop me a line if you get the chance.
  14. Alright!! Congratz man! I would love to go to MIT, maybe for graduate study....
  15. congrats......MIT is a great place
  16. Yeah, congrats mate :smile:
  17. Wow!! MIT ! Congratulation !
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