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Admissions MIT, WPI admissions?

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    Hello, I am a 15 year old male, and I would like to eventually become a scientist of some sort. (Preferably in the realm of astrophysics) First, a little background:

    I'm a high-school freshmen, and I am home-schooled. Thus, I can complete courses at my own pace, which means that by the end of this summer I will have completed Basic Physics, Algebra 1 + 2, and pre-calculus, along with a course on ecology/evolution, and various english programs. This following school year I will be taking chemistry at the local community college, as well as geometry online, and calculus on my own. I would like to be accepted to MIT or WPI by my junior year, however I will not have enough science lab courses to qualify. What would be the best educational route to take in order to gain a higher chance of being accepted to MIT?

    Over the course of my sophomore year and the following summer I plan on completing calculus, differential equations, and Physics B. Hopefully my GPA will rise to about 4.2 or 4.4 (It is currently 3.825).

    Thanks for the help,
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    I think that extracurriculars are extremely important to places like MIT. You should try to get involved in science and math competitions and things like science fair or the Siemens competition. I don't think that anything that's just coursework will put you significantly ahead of others. Taking community college classes would help, but you definitely need something else to put you above the 15,000 other applicants, or at least put you in running with the top 10% of the applicants. I'm not sure how competitions work with home-schooled people, but I'm pretty sure the science fair and siemens are open to them. Do some research on things you can do outside of just schoolwork. Community service would also help, although I'm not sure how significant it would be.
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