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Mit ?

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    Does anyone know of someone that got accepted into MIT recently.. and didnt score 800 on their math portion of the SAT?
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    I wish I would have taken the SAT, we took the ACT and somehow 34 doesn't sound as impressive as 800
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    yeah... I wonder if this 800 for the math is true or not..
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    What did you, or whoever, get on the math portion? Also, I think there are a lot more factors that MIT takes into consideration, so I would not worry too much if that is the only lower than MIT average stat you have.
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    i know PLENTY of people here who didn't even get close...many in the 1200s and 1300s here.
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    I had a friend go to MIT in '98. I believe he scored a 740 on the math portion of the SAT I.
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    how much does it cost a year to study at MIT in US dollars?
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    More than 30,000$...

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    If you got admitted to MIT, that means that they really want you. If someone who gets admitted doesn't have the money, they will work something out with you. Lack of money will never keep anybody from going there.
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    I graduated from MIT several years ago. It's a crapshot to get into any of the top schools IMO as most of the applicants have almost identical credentials (ie all excellent).
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    I wonder what sets the diff. .. what is the making or breaking factor.. I know there are a lot of things.. but there must be a pattern...
    It's nice to hear from you again dark eternal... would you mind if I reached you on AIM?.. heh.. would be nice to talk to somene who actually goes there..

    And heh.. I didnt know we had any MIT alumni here.
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    Yes, I know of several that were/are at MIT that come here.
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    There is an anecdote that I sometimes tell people when they ask about admittance to MIT. I had a friend at MIT who often joked that he was mistakenly admitted. One day he asked an admissions officer whom we personally knew a hypothetical question- could an AsianAmerican male with 1200's SAT score (taken before SAT I and II) w/ so and so GPA get in and the guy flat out said "no". Needless to say he was describing himself. Like I said before, unless there are some aspects of your application which clearly distinguish above other applicants (something much more numbers and recommendations) it's a crapshoot as to what school you get into. I had my heart set on Harvard for a long time but I had friends there who wanted to get into MIT but didn't. The great thing is that there are so many great universities in America that you could a great education almost anywhere.
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    I had a friend who got into MIT for computer science. This was 4-5 years ago. He got a 1410 on his SAT. It's not all about the scores, but what you've done and what they think you can do.
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    As a European, i have always been fascinated by you americans and your college admissions. In Europe this does not really exist (apart from some exceptions). I think it is not all about scores but they'll like other things too : personal initiative, verbal capabilities (being able to give good speeches and presentations), ...

    I can be wrong in this but at least that is what i think of it...

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    How exactly is public speaking "measured"

    Hey "noobie".. i was wondering exactly what you did at MIT.. did you enjoy your time there?
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    I was course 5 which is MIT speak for chemistry major. I graduated awhile back and I'm working on my PHD now. MIT was great b/c it was tight knit community and it's been said many times that students don't compete against each other but against the system (the difficultness of the classes and life there). If you really have your heart set out on going to MIT that's great. But realize that the education you get there is not as well-rounded as some of other universities. You pretty much have to major in science or engineering and you have to not mind being around everyone else who is into science and engineering. I enjoyed my time there but it's definitely not for the majority.
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    I don't mean to stray away form the topic of this thread, but I have a quick question:

    I'm a high school senior, and you can say that "I have my heart set on MIT," but I didn't apply there - because I knew I woudln't make it. I have a 1460 SAT and other great test scores, but I don't have anything that really puts me out. Truthfully, when I first started high school, for about the first couple years, I hardly cared about education or college; I basically just did homework for the hell of it. Well, later on I found out some stuff, started liking physics, etc., etc.... And now I'm extremely intent on getting into MIT. My only other option is to go there for grad. school, and so, I'm wondering if others here could help me. What are some things I need to do in college? Is it basically GRE scores, grades, and research.. or what is it? It would be great is somebody could give me a general idea/guide me into what I need to get done. Is it just entirely natural? Do I just need to show devotion for education? I'm really willing to work my ass off here.. thanks for reading.
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    Knavish, you could try to transfer after a year or two. There is a famous chemistry prof in my dept who transferred to MIT after his freshmen year in college. The story goes that he didn't do all that well in high school but worked hard as a freshmen and transferred. IMO the most important thing as far as getting into grad school is doing research during your undergraduate years. This shows grad schools that you know what graduate life is like and you have the appropriate temperament for it. Of course GPA matters as well (esp in your upper division courses) and GRE has some bearing but I think grad school want to see that you have an idea what research is about- if you have a sense of what specific research you want to do that's even better. Also, when it comes to grad school, the school that you get your degree at may not necessarily be as important as who your advisor is. Of course, if you aren't sure what kind of research you want to do it's good to go to a place like MIT where there are lots of professors with a wide range of research interests.
  21. Mar 9, 2005 #20
    Actually I wouldn’t mind an environment like what you’ve described at all (heh I guess most people who come here probably wouldn’t).... I’m really interested in learning more.. and heh.. so you focused on chemistry.. well that’s actually what I'm focusing in High School now

    I take it you probably don’t use aim.. but if you do.. could I contact you on aim.. I would like to talk more about this .. or email is fine too.
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