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Mitochondria evolution from a common ancestor

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    So this morning, I wokeup and thought "mitochondria!" Weird huh? Why? Well, I thought of it as just another "proof" of evolution from a common ancestor. Not that anyone with an education should doubt it anyway, but just that we and bacteria have the same intracellular organelles should be pretty obvious we came from a common ancestor.

    My favorite response in the science vs creation thing is that science has no agenda. All science cares about is truth and fact, to understand a process. Religion has to bend the truth to make it fit their agenda.
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    We do not have the same intercellular organelles. Bacteria have no membrane bound organelles at all. I assume you were referring to the symbiotic relationship between what once was a bacteria (now mitochondria) and another prehistoric bacteria.

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    I don't think bacteria are our ancestor. So it would be the symbiotic relationship of a eukaryotic cell with a prokaryote? And nautica is right, bacteria don't have any intracellular organelles.
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