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Mitosis Questions

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    In what phase to chromatids become chromosomes?

    That would be Anaphase correct? The kinetochores travel up the spindle fibres after metaphase and seperate the double stranded chromsomes. This results in an equal amount of identical chromosomes on each pole of the cell. These chromosomes unwind and lengthen in telophase and Cytokinesis occurs? - or has been occuring and ends.

    Also, after Cytokinesis the new cells resemble cells that are "Just beginning Interphase", correct?

    Gap 1, Synthesis, Gap 2, Mitosis, Gap 1 would begin and since the new cells resemble Interphase cells, Interphase is just beginning. This also seems consistant with the order.

    Are my conclusions correct?, Thanks!
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    sounds correct to me.
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