Mitt Romney's candidacy

  1. We've had threads on Gingrich and Paul -- so I thought I'd start one on Romney, since he seems, arguably, the most likely GOP candidate.

    Do you like, or not like, Romney? Would you vote for him? What do you think about his positions on various issues? Basically, anything pertaining to Romney's candidacy.

    Currently, I don't like Romney and wouldn't vote for him. But I'm hoping to learn more about him via this thread.
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  3. I know it's a knee-jerk reaction, but Romney sometimes reminds me of a used car salesman who's trying to sell me my own car.
  4. Evo

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    Should we start a Santorum thread, he won the Evangelical toss and that's scary to me. It appears this will be a fight between Romney and Santorum, IMO.
  5. and doing it badly
  6. Evo

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    But look at what there is to choose from. :eek:
  7. turbo

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    That's the scary part. Where are the GOP heavyweights? Smart people without a lot of baggage that would kill them in the general election?

    Probably the most competent, intelligent person in the GOP race is Huntsman, but he doesn't stand a chance of getting the nomination. That is so sad.
  8. Evo

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    Perhaps too many smart people are staying away due to the exposure they will get from the internet and how much easier it is to get dirt on someone.
  9. turbo

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    IMO Romney will probably get the nomination, but how can he contrast himself vs Obama and win the general election? He already signed MA universal health coverage into law and has been back-pedaling to distance himself from that to appease the right wing of the GOP. Is he going to be able to attack "Obamacare" as the FOXies like to call it without looking like a total hypocrite?

    As the head of Bain, he oversaw the "downsizing" of thousands of jobs while raking in millions in consulting fees. That might not sit well with out-of-work voters.
  10. turbo

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    I should add that his father was at least (on the surface) a well-informed, principled politician. Mitt doesn't give me any confidence in his consistency or character.
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  11. turbo

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  12. I am dissappointed by our options I wish somebody competent would step forward with the minimal backing needed to sweep in and take a strong hold.

    We can not afford more of what we have, but no one currently running has the potential to over come the zealots who remain and the whipping the media will give them.

    Romney gives me an icky feeling and being from PA I know Santorim is a joke(I have voted for him but again options not so much)

    We need a true fiscal conservative who is socialy moderate to come out of the weeds and show some leadership. With out honest policy changes we will not recover in the next decade and in 30 years we will be destroyed by the spending commitments we have already made.

    Even the "hard line" Dems here have to see we need a course correction.

    I mean be honest the current administration has not even approved a single budget while it has been in office. Our government needs to run on budget in fact under budget that is impossible if you do not even have a budget to start with.

    Can anyone think of a politician at the state or federal level that could be an option?
  13. Evo

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    LOL, I added my post as an edit to yours and made you look crazy turbo. SORRY!

    My post below.

    If it's a choice between Romney or Santorum (Santorum got the Evangelical thumbs up and is, don't laugh, endorsed by the christian reality tv couple The Duggars, 19 kids and counting), who would you choose, I'd have to go with Mitt.
  14. turbo

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    That's OK Evo. I figured it out after a bit. If I was a mentor, I might use that power for humor, or to ill effect. :devil:
  15. Evo

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    For mentors, the edit button is right next to the quote button, too easy to hit the wrong one without realizing.
  16. turbo

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    And yes, Santorum has been endorsed by the Duggars, who had their tour-bus wrapped in Santorum graphics. That might play well in SC a bit later, but it's not going to do a lot for him in NH or in the general election. He can stay in as long as he has money and keeps hammering Romney, but this one is Romney all the way, IMO.
  17. Just to refresh everyone on the Romney plan. Ohh and to mention that he actually has a fairly detailed plan something that we still have never seen from the current administration unless we "pass it so we can read it".

    I have just re read the PDF detailing each of these points and must honestly say I can not out right shoot down any of them which I was suprised by. Can someone like Evo or another more "liberal" person please actually read the 59 points and maybe even the entire PDF and give a real "dem" review ?

    I still am not sure what I think of Romney, but these seem like sane and reasonable points. The simple existance of a coherent plan makes me feel better about him and his team.

    59 Policy Proposals That Will Get America Back To Work
    1. Maintain current tax rates on personal income
    2. Maintain current tax rates on interest, dividends, and capital gains
    3. Eliminate taxes for taxpayers with AGI below $200,000 on interest, dividends, and capital gains
    4. Eliminate the death tax
    5. Pursue a conservative overhaul of the tax system over the long term that includes lower,
    flatter rates on a broader base
    6. Reduce corporate income tax rate to 25 percent
    7. Pursue transition from “worldwide” to “territorial” system for corporate taxation
    8. Repeal Obamacare
    9. Repeal Dodd-Frank and replace with streamlined, modern regulatory framework
    10. Amend Sarbanes-Oxley to relieve mid-size companies from onerous requirements
    11. Ensure that environmental laws properly account for cost in regulatory process
    12 Provide multi-year lead times before companies must come into compliance with
    onerous new environmental regulations
    13. Initiate review and elimination of all Obama-era regulations that unduly burden the economy
    14. Impose a regulatory cap of zero dollars on all federal agencies
    15. Require congressional approval of all new “major” regulations
    16. Reform legal liability system to prevent spurious litigation
    17. Implement agreements with Colombia, Panama, and South Korea
    18. Reinstate the president’s Trade Promotion Authority
    19. Complete negotiations for the Trans-Pacific Partnership
    20. Pursue new trade agreements with nations committed to free enterprise and open markets
    21. Create the Reagan Economic Zone
    22. Increase CBP resources to prevent the illegal entry of goods into our market
    23. Increase USTR resources to pursue and support litigation against unfair trade practices
    24. Use unilateral and multilateral punitive measures to deter unfair Chinese practices
    25. Designate China a currency manipulator and impose countervailing duties
    26. Discontinue U.S. government procurement from China until China commits to GPA
    27. Establish fixed timetables for all resource development approvals
    28. Create one-stop shop to streamline permitting process for approval of common activities
    29. Implement fast-track procedures for companies with established safety records to conduct
    pre-approved activities in pre-approved areas
    30. Amend Clean Air Act to exclude carbon dioxide from its purview
    31. Expand NRC capabilities for approval of additional nuclear reactor designs
    32. Streamline NRC processes to ensure that licensing decisions for reactors on or adjacent to
    approved sites, using approved designs, are complete within two years
    33. Conduct comprehensive survey of America’s energy reserves
    34. Open America’s energy reserves for development
    35. Expand opportunities for U.S. resource developers to forge partnerships with neighboring countries
    36 Support construction of pipelines to bring Canadian oil to the United States
    37. Prevent overregulation of shale gas development and extraction
    38 Concentrate alternative energy funding on basic research
    39. Utilize long-term, apolitical funding mechanisms like ARPA-E for basic research
    40. Appoint to the NLRB experienced individuals with respect for the rule of law
    41. Amend NLRA to explicitly protect the right of business owners to allocate their capital as they see fit
    42. Amend NLRA to guarantee the secret ballot in every union certification election
    43. Amend NLRA to guarantee that all pre-election campaigns last at least one month
    44. Support states in pursuing Right-to-Work laws
    45. Prohibit the use for political purposes of funds automatically deducted from worker paychecks
    46. Reverse executive orders issued by President Obama that tilt the playing field toward organized labor
    47. Eliminate redundancy in federal retraining programs by consolidating programs and funding streams,
    centering as much activity as possible in a single agency
    48. Give states authority to manage retraining programs by block granting federal funds
    49. Facilitate the creation of Personal Reemployment Accounts
    50. Encourage greater private sector involvement in retraining programs
    51. Raise visa caps for highly skilled workers
    52. Grant permanent residency to eligible graduates with advanced degrees in math, science,
    and engineering
    53. Immediately cut non-security discretionary spending by 5 percent
    54. Reform and restructure Medicaid as block grant to states
    55. Align wages and benefits of government workers with market rates
    56. Reduce federal workforce by 10 percent via attrition
    57. Cap federal spending at 20 percent of GDP
    58. Undertake fundamental restructuring of government programs and services
    59. Pursue a Balanced Budget Amendment
  18. Evo

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    I'm not liberal and I'm not a Democrat. I've been called conservative and a Republican, and I guess I often do lean a bit conservative if it makes sense. I'm really middle of the road and will vote for the candidate I think is less of a danger. I have no party affiliation. Sorry.
  19. Thanks for the comments so far, the link from turbo, and the link and Romney's 59-point plan from Oltz. Maybe some more knowledgeable members can begin to comment on some of the points in Romney's plan. My overall impression is that he's the candidate of the status quo, ie., corporate America (~ business as usual, and no expected marked improvements for the US in general wrt his presidency). I expect to have something to say wrt at least a few of his points as I find time to do some required research and a bit of thinking on it.

    Now I'm going to follow Evo's suggestion and start a thread on Santorum.
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    That's not me - except the 59 point plan reminded me of one of our senior project leaders (a rather dour Scot) whose response given that sort of "shopping list" was usually the same:

    If that's the solution, tell me what you think the problem is, in 20 words or less.

    Once that question gets a straight answer, a lot of the 59 points are probably headed strainght for the trash.
  21. Some of them are good, some of them just sound stupid.

    Obligatory 'lower taxes for the rich' conservative stuff.

    Right...have fun with that. It's pretty sad when a politician campaigns to basically undo everything from the guy before him.

    I like these.

    I'm surprised by this, in a good way.

    I like this.

    This doesn't really mean anything. These just words on a page, nothing more.

    Basically, this is what I gather:
    Cut big corporations slack, who needs to worry about the environment, we need to encourage smart people to stay, we should use more locally available energy, never cut military spending. Oh yeah, and Obama's bad.
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