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Mix polarization

  1. Apr 19, 2009 #1
    i faced this term in a special paper. i cant figure it out what it exactly means.
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    Can you provide more context?
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    "Polarization dynamics are considered in the presence of an anisotropic Kerr non-lin-
    earity in the most common semiconductor waveguide geometry. The equations of
    motion are formulated in terms of Stokes polarization parameters and their Hamiltonian
    form is derived. Stationary solutions and their stability are found for plane-wave prop-
    agation. It is found that the non-integrable problem of mixed-polarization spatial soliton
    dynamics can be largely explained in terms of the equivalent plane-wave solutions."

    sorry to be so slow to respond.
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    Andy Resnick

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    It sounds like the solutions- either solitons or plane waves- are mixtures of pure polarization states. If the polarization state changes in time (i.e. linear to circular and back again), the state can be written as a time-dependent mixture of two orthogonal polarization states.

    Can you provide a proper attribution to the article?
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    can i understand it like this:

    vector E and B are restricted by a series of equations.
    if we write it into components, the equations decouples into two decoupled equations. otherwise, we can say it is mixed polarization
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