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News Mixed feelings about grassroots efforts

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    I have mixed feelings about grassroots efforts and maybe we'll get into that. But, one thing I like about MoveOn is that they keep you updated after they have asked for your action. Regarding Tom Delay, here is how they have connected the dots for the work they have been doing regarding his behavior, over the last year or so.

    (I don't think it was copyrighted either. But I'm happy to scale it back. I am not sure if Evo was talking to me or Astronuc.))
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    I'm not sure I would characterize a PAC as "grassroots".
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    I don't believe I did, and I am not Patty did either.

    As for the links I posted -

    http://www.usconstitution.org/do/Associates [Broken]

    33rd Precinct Community Council http://www.33pctcouncil.org [Broken]
    African Soul International http://www.africansoulinternational.org
    ALERT Partnership http://www.alertpartnership.org
    Association for Better Living http://www.associationforbetterliving.org [Broken]
    Atlanta Fulton Family Connection http://www.affconnection.org [Broken]
    Austin Advocate http://www.austinadvocate.org
    Befrienders, Inc. http://www.befriendersinc.org [Broken]
    Blue Dragons Organization http://www.www.blue-dragons- [Broken] co.org
    Boston Asthma Initiative http://www.bostonasthma.org [Broken]
    Boston Self Help Center http://www.bostonselfhelp.org
    Bringing IT and Spreading Hope http://www.bitash.org [Broken]
    Bronx Breathes http://www.bronxbreathes.org
    Brunswick Historical Society http://www.brunswickhistory.org
    Butterfly Hope http://www.butterflyhope.org
    ByteBack Classes http://www.bytebackclasses.net [Broken]
    Cafe Phoenix (RAMS, Inc.) http://www.cafephoenix.org [Broken]
    Carrollton Ridge Community http://www.carrolltonridge.org
    Catharsis Foundation http://www.catharsisfoundation.org
    Central Delta Depot Museum http://www.cddm.org
    Central Tibetan Relief Committee http://www.tibetrelief.org
    Child Protection Project http://www.childpro.org
    Cincinnati Housing Partners http://www.cincinnati-housing- [Broken] partners.org
    CityDance Theatre http://www.lccitydance.org [Broken]
    Clark Champaign Diabetes Association, Inc. http://www.ccdainc.org
    Communities in Schools of the Laurel Highlands, Inc. http://www.cislh.org [Broken]
    Community Connections for Youth http://www.ccywoodstock.org
    Community Development Corporations Association of Greater Cincinnati http://www.cdcagc.org
    Community Soup Kitchen http://www.csknh.org [Broken]
    Decatur County Family YMCA http://www.decaturcountyfamilyymca.org
    Dialogue-Producing Consortium http://www.dialoguemakers.org
    Diamonds in the Ruff Children’s Society http://www.diamondsintheruff.info
    The Don't Stand Alone Foundation For Children With Autism http://www.dontstandalone.org [Broken]
    Duluth Youth Agency Coalition http://www.dyacduluth.org [Broken]
    EarthCare.org http://www.earthcare.org [Broken]
    Earthnet Institute http://www.eni.edu [Broken]
    Echo House http://www.echohouse.org
    Empowerment Institute, Inc. http://www.empoweri.org [Broken]
    Exchange for Change http://www.www.coffeeexchange.org [Broken]
    Fayetteville Area Habitat for Humanity http://www.fayhabitat.org [Broken]
    First 5 Tehama http://www.first5tehama.org
    First Nations Outreach Project http://www.firstnationsoutreach.org
    First Steps http://www.firststeps4teens.org [Broken]
    Fishing Mentors http://www.fishingmentors.org [Broken]
    Florida College Activist Coalition http://www.floridacollegeactivist.org [Broken]
    Free Clinics of Michigan http://www.freeclinicsofmi.org [Broken]
    Friendly Village D.A.R.E. http://www.friendlyvillageonline.org [Broken]
    Friends to the Elderly Youth and Family Center Inc. http://www.friendsbuffalo.org [Broken]
    Fusion Partnerships http://www.fusiongroup.org
    Gabrielle Reilly Weekly http://www.gabriellereillyweekly.com
    Generation Xcellence http://www.genxcell.org [Broken]
    Get Help-Give Help http://www.gethelp- [Broken] givehelp.org
    Global Neuroscience Initiative Foundation http://www.gnif.org
    Global Perspective http://www.global- [Broken] perspective.net
    Grand Futures Prevention Coalition http://www.grandfutures.org
    GRCN Connecting Communities http://www.grcnconnects.org [Broken]
    Greater Baton Rouge Clean Cities Coalition http://www.gbrccc.org
    Groundwork Bridgeport http://www.groundworkbpt.org
    Groundwork Minneapolis http://www.groundworkminneapolis.org [Broken]
    Guillaume Center, Inc. http://www.guillaumecenter.com [Broken]
    Habitat For Humanity of Wicomico County http://www.wicomicocountyhabitat.org [Broken]
    Harrisburg Literacy http://www.harrisburgliteracy.org [Broken]
    Hope Academic Enrichment Center http://www.haeconline.org [Broken]
    Interfaith Hospitality Network http://www.IHNToledo.org
    Jersey County Homemakers Education Association http://www.jerseycountyhea.org [Broken]
    Junior League Palm Springs Desert Communities http://www.jlpsdc.org
    Kamp Kessa http://www.kampkessa.org
    Kansas CURE http://www.kscure.org
    Life Crisis Center http://www.lifecrisiscenter.org
    Looking for My Sister http://www.lookingformysister.org
    Love Work Seeking Outreach http://www.lwsoutreach.org [Broken]
    Lower Richland Ruritan Club http://www.lrruritan.org [Broken]
    Mentor/Role Model Program http://www.mentor1.org [Broken]
    Mountain Home Christian Clinic http://www.mountainhomechristianclinic.org
    Multicultural Self-Esteem Academy http://www.mseayouth.org
    My Duluth http://www.myduluth.org [Broken]
    Narayan Ashram http://www.nilausa.org
    National Independent Living Association http://www.narayanashram.org [Broken]
    The Neighborhood Network http://www.theneighborhoodnetwork.org
    Neighbors Against Drug Abuse http://www.n-a-d-a.org [Broken]
    New Works Writers Series http://www.newworkswritersseries.org
    Next Wave http://www.geronextwave.org [Broken]
    North Shore Housing Trust, Inc. http://www.nshousingtrust.org [Broken]
    Noticia Publica http://www.noticiapublica.org [Broken]
    Nzaasa African Renaissance Group http://www.nzaasa.org [Broken]
    Ohio Community Computing Network http://www.ohioccn.org
    Oklahoma Academy of Mediators and Arbitrators http://www.oama.org
    Open Inn, Inc. http://www.projectsafeplaceaz.org [Broken]
    P.A.L.S. 4 Paws http://www.pals4paws.net [Broken]
    Parents Helping Parents http://www.parentshelping.org [Broken]
    Parents of Special Children, Inc. http://www.pscoswego.org [Broken]
    Pathfinder Search and Rescue http://www.pathfindersar.org
    Pennsylvania Sinfonia Orchestra http://www.pasinfonia.org
    Phoenix Indian Center, Inc. http://www.phxlearningcircle.org [Broken]
    Point Man International Ministries http://www.pointmanmuncie.org [Broken]
    Portage County Housing Services Council http://www.portagehousingcouncil.org [Broken]
    Quail Roost Foundation http://www.quailroostfoundation.org
    Quality Consortium of Suffolk County http://www.qualityconsortium.org
    Quality of Life Service Center http://www.qualityoflifeservicecenter.com [Broken]
    Quilters' Guild of Arlington http://www.qgoa.org
    Raising Our Youth http://www.raisingouryouth.org [Broken]
    Reach for the Light, Inc. http://www.reachforthelight.com
    Ride Advocacy Project http://www.rubyeskids.org [Broken]
    Renee Olubunmi Rondeau Peace Foundation http://www.rorpf.org
    Roses and Rosemary http://www.rosesandrosemary.org
    Rubye's Kids http://www.rubyeskids.org [Broken]
    Rural Hospital Relief Fund http://www.ruralhospitalrelief.org
    Saginaw County Youth Protection Council http://www.scypc.org
    Salisbury Wicomico Arts Council http://www.543arts.com
    Santa Maria Valley Policy Panel http://www.santamariapolicypanel.org [Broken]
    Save Akron Schools http://www.saveakronschools.org [Broken]
    SeaKay http://www.seakay.org [Broken]
    Second Chance Support Services http://www.secondchance233.org [Broken]
    Serendipity Educational Resources, Inc http://www.seraz.org
    SJ Ferret Rescue and Sanctuary http://www.sjferret.com
    Somali American Community Association, Inc. http://www.sacausa.org
    The South Suburban Council on Alcoholism and Substance Abuse http://www.sscouncil.org
    Speak With Us http://www.speakwithus.org> [Broken]
    Student-Employee Assistance Program Against Chemical Dependency www.sapeap.org[/URL]
    Students for Bhopal [url]http://www.studentsforbhopal.org[/url]
    Summit County Historical Society [url]http://www.summithistory.org[/url]
    TLC Preschool [url]http://www.tlclasalle.org[/url]
    Twin Lakes Playhouse [url]http://www.twinlakesplayhouse.org[/url]
    Union des Français de l'Etranger [PLAIN]http://www.ufealberta.org [Broken]
    United Playaz http://www.unitedplayaz.org
    United Support & Memorial For Workplace Fatalities http://www.usmwf.org
    United Way of Volusia-Flagler Counties http://www.volusiacitizencorps.org [Broken]
    Universal Triumvirate Group http://www.UTGroup.org [Broken]
    Upper Room Cultural Development Corp. (URCDC) http://www.urcdc.net [Broken]
    V-Day Tucson 2005 http://www.vdaytucson.org [Broken]
    Victory Over Addiction International, Inc. http://www.voai.org
    Volusia County Citizen Corps http://www.volusiacitizencorps.org [Broken]
    The Welcome Ministry http://www.welcomeministry.org [Broken]
    Woodland Middle School - After School Adventures http://www.myduluth.org [Broken]
    Youth Action Project, Inc. http://www.youthactionproject.org
    YWCA Youth of Texarkana http://www.ywca-txk.org [Broken]
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    My bad. They regularly talk about "grassroot organisation." And, surely mobilising everyday stay at home moms, concerned students, other "normal" citizens etc - ("2400 volunteers.... 470,000 signatures" etc) qualifies as something akin to grassroots?

    PAC has a pejorative feel to it. It's gotten a lot of bad press. They sign off as a Political Action Team, and they are a PAC, AFAIK, so I'll try to find a more appropriate term that i am more comfortable with. I have difficulty using the term PAC because of the bad press that some of these have (rightly) gotten.


    If you google Moveon Grassroots you get 349,000 hits. Adding quotes, you still get 194 hits.

    MoveOn PAC gets you 277,000 hits. Adding quotes gets you 117,000 hits.

    It seems that the general sense is that both characterizations are used, and the PAC may be more correct.
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    Sorry, that was meant for patty - MoveOn.org is (has) a pac.
    "PAC" is the legal characterization of the organization and MoveOn has different parts for different legal purposes. The part of the organization that pays for tv commercials is the pac.

    edit: Not being real clear on what exactly a PAC is, I googled....

    I'm not a big fan of PACs. In fairness, I acknowledge that that could be because PACs tend to benefit Democrats more than Republicans, but it is also largely because their contributions are negative: they mostly focus on attacking opposition candidates (and MoveOn.org is one of the worst of the Michael Moore-ish breed of PACs). Also, the relationship between non-profit part and the pac part of organizations smells funny to me. However, the other side of the coin is that corporate donations tend to favor Republicans and I'm in favor of restricting them as well.
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    I am not in favor of PAC's either, because some eventually expects something for an investment (bribe).


    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_political_action_committees (not complete)

    Perhaps this is a better site - http://www.opensecrets.org/ = http://www.crp.org/ which is:

    I seem to remember Republican PAC's from about the time of Reagan, and the Democrats had to play catch-up.

    Take a look at GOP.com :rofl: affiliated with the Republican National Committee - one can 'invest' in the government. I am sure the DNC has something comparable.

    I get solicitations from both parties - to buy tables at dinners for $25,000 or in the case of Bush and Cheney, I can have dinner with them for the right price. :rofl: Not that I would want to. Got the same nonsense from the Clinton, Gore, Kerry and the DNC. :rolleyes:

    Also, checkout - A HISTORY OF FAVORS
    http://www.ccsi.com/~comcause/news/cc_7.html [Broken]



    The Dubya Report - http://www.thedubyareport.com/money.html - The Money Trail

    I would really like the politicians and candidates to address substantive issues, and at the very least, spend no more than the tax revenues - which means they have to pay of the national debt. :grumpy:
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    To avoid copyright violation, please do not post the entire article, only a paragraph or two at most are allowable, members can follow the link to read the rest.
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    Thanks, Evo. It's not clear that article is copyrighted.

    I added the link in the title to the site where the article is posted in entirety.

    Common Causes, which apparently published the article initially is at -

    http://www.commoncause.org/site/pp.asp?c=dkLNK1MQIwG&b=186966 [Broken]

    where one will find - Eruption of Corruption in Washington (Sep 28)

    Senate Ethics Committee Must Investigate Frist's Stock Transaction (Sep 27)
    and elsewhere - http://www.ccsi.com/~comcause/news/bushsr.html [Broken]
    "A 1992 Common Cause Magazine Investigation Reveals A Pattern Of Special Favors For Former President Bush's Inner Circle Of $100,000 Donors."
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