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Mixed two-way ANOVA analysis

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    two-way analysis of variance

    Hi, any insights regarding the accuracy of my analysis are welcome.

    I used two-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) to do the analysis on 32 participants, who were either in the control group or in the divided attention condition; all subjects tried to memorize two types of faces (typical/distinctive faces). Dependent variable-"face" (typical and distinctive) independent variable- "condition"(control and divided attention).
    During the analysis, under "Repeated measures", I moved the factors "typical" and "distinctive" into "within subjects variables', and "condition" into "between subjects factors"; then under "Repeated measures: Profile plots" I moved "condition" into "horizontal axis" (Should I have moved it into "separate plots" instead?)..then under "options" i selected "compare main effects". After that, I conducted a "simple effects analysis"---Under "independent sample t-tests" I moved "typical" and "distinctive" into "test variables" and "condition" into "grouping variable".

    What do you think? If you need more details, let me know. Thanks.
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