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Mixer model for SPICE

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    Does anyone know of a reasonably good SPICE model of a mixer? Something that I can use in LTSpice?

    It doesn't have to be accurate (meaning it doesn't need to be based on intermodulation tables) since all I am doing is trying to learn about feedback systems that contain RF elements. However, I would like it to have all 3 inputs (LO,RF and IF).

    I know you can multiply two voltages in SPICE etc to emulate mixing, but that is a bit too basic for what I am doing.
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    View attachment 22095 Here is a double-balanced mixer in LTSPICE. It is shown with RF and LO of 500 and 600 Hz inputs, and a 100 Hz IF output.
    Bob S

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    Thanks, that is just what I needed.
    The attachment is not working for some reason, but I should be able to reproduce the circuit from the image alone.
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    Hai friend,
    I couldn't download your attachment, can u able to repost it..
    or could you please send it to my ID "kalidasascreator@gmail.com"

    Thanks in Advance
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    sir please send this attachment.needed for project.thanks in advance
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    Here is copy of 4-diode double balanced mixer schematic (attached):

    * C:\Program Files\LTC\LTspiceIV\mixer-double-balanced.asc
    L1 N001 0 10m
    L2 0 N007 10m
    L3 N004 0 10m
    L4 Vout N008 10m
    L5 N002 Vout 10m
    L6 N005 0 10m
    D1 N001 N002 BAT54
    D2 N007 N008 BAT54
    D3 N002 N007 BAT54
    D4 N008 N001 BAT54
    V1 N003 0 SINE(0 0.5 500 0 0 0 600)
    V2 N006 0 SINE(0 .5 600 0 0 0 600)
    R1 N006 N005 51
    R2 N004 N003 51
    .model D D
    .lib C:\Program Files\LTC\LTspiceIV\lib\cmp\standard.dio
    K1 L1 L2 L3 1
    K2 L4 L5 L6 1
    .tran 0 0.05 0 0.0001
    * Mixer-double-balanced
    * 500 Hz x 510 Hz --> 10 Hz
    * Bob S\n11/14/09

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