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Mixing Field and string theory?

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    A Post that was started because of speeds in space on the bc3000 boards..Im wounder how correct this thought is and if its not, then were the flaw is..(They were talking about the Power req of getting to the speed of light and traveling long distances)

    Power Probly has less to do with it than how and were the power is applied-I wonder if anyone has tried mixing, 0 Field point theroy and string theroy.. It occured to me that if U could figure out what "teases" an Electron into becoming an electron from the point field then U might have ALL the bloody energy U need. If I am correct then the "String that IS an electron" becomes such because of a resonance or some such property of our Spacetime makeup. Or ontherwords, because of the Rules impossed upon us by Our 4 demsions. There are a lot of smart People in this forum It seems..Maybe I'm missing somthing....GOD I wish I could get my hands on Tesla's classified stuff.

    When Tesla, Died a lot of his work was taken by our Gov and classified..My guess judgeing by what work he was most intrested in, is that he was on the right track to figureing out our MIssing link in Physics..(I dont think he was looking for the missing link. But the work he was doing is what was needed to expose it) There is no need to travel A Zillion miles if U can "bring were U want to go to U" by folding space..Unfortunatley the energies we need to do this, along with the mechanics of were how and to what degree this energy needs to be applied are not here....In the public domain.....The key to EVERYTHING from what I can makeout is the making of enough energy. After that we can figure out were how and to what degree to apply our power. I do believe the 2 things though are linked..the making of this "teased" energy and then learning to fold space are probly linked..

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    Hmmmm Im thinking this needs to be moved to theroy. I googled this website and didnt look were everything was before I posted. How do I get this moved?
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    Oh I bet someone will take care of that for you more sooner than later...
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    No Dought :tongue: . Interesting that i've had no complaints or reprimands/ :biggrin: . i've had some new thoughts but don't want to look like a total idiot, so I've been waiting to see if it was a bad overall idea. Guess i could post some additions in theory and see what happens.
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