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Mixing fonts with Word's Find&Replace

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    Nevermind, I figured it out. If anyone else has the same question, there are options on the Find&Replace feature that allow you to control font and such. I just somehow overlooked the font one.
    I'm typing up a phonetic transcription of a play using a special phonetic font and Keyman keyboard in Word. I have the original, normal text on the bottom and am typing my transcription above it, deleting the bottom text as I go.
    I would like to save myself some time and trouble by Finding & Replacing as many words as possible, usng Word's Find&Replace. BUT I can't figure out how to Replace a word with another word in a different font.
    The phonetic font doesn't have many of the normal characters, or if it does, the key assignments are different. If I change the normal text to the phonetic font, it becomes quite nonsensical.
    I could figure out and memorize what each normal character changes into in the phonetic font and just try reading the untranscribed text in the phonetic font. But I would much rather be able to Replace words with a different font than they were originally typed in. Does anyone know if or how I can do that?
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