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Mixing ice and water

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1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

300gm of water at 25°C is added to 100gm of ice at 0°C ,find the final temperature of the mixture .Also find the final composition of mixture .

2. Relevant equations

Specific heat of water = 1 cal/gm/°C
Latent heat of fusion of ice = 80 cal/gm

3. The attempt at a solution

Heat released by 300gm water to reach 0°C = 300x1x25 = 7500 cal

Heat required by ice to melt completely
= 100x80= 8000 cal

Since heat supplied is less than heat required , whole ice will not melt .

Amount of ice melted = 7500/80 = 93.75gm

Final composition of mixture = 393.75gm water +6.25gm ice at 0°C

Is my answer correct ?
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It is correct.

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