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Mixing Nucleus.

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    Me mate says that that you can make Steal from mixing Carbon atom and Oxygen (Transmution) :eek: Basicly stuffing arround with nuclues. As far as I can remember you can't touch the nuclues as the EM forces are too strong.

    How wrong is he? We made a bet of $20 :smile:
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    First I think it is safe to assume you mean steel (an alloy containing mainly iron).

    Transmutation could be used to create new elements (via nuclear fission). It would need a nuclear reactor. However, this would be reducing the size of the atom (so carbon-12 to two smaller elements).

    I have heard of making larger elements with smaller ones but I can only assume that only (relatively) small elements can be made by fission. Steel, anyway, is an alloy and it would take a lot of carbon and oxygen to make the iron and other elements needed (unless, of course, carbon was one of the elements needed).

    As far as I can see you need to split the money or ask someone else in these forums.

    The Bob (2004 ©)

    P.S. Could someone correct my knowledge of fission and fusion in modern day reactors if what I have said is incorrect. Thanks.
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