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Mixing of light ?

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    when i mix red light and green light i get yellow light, but QED says that photons do not interact so why am i seeing yellow light, , I know they obey superposition , what does it mean for two photons two superimpose physically . how is the localized energy of the photons interacting .
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    What you see here is nothing to do with photons interacting.
    It is a consequence of the way our eyes are sensitive to light.
    The eye has 3 types colour receptor, each sensitive to a different overlapping range of wavelengths of visible light. All the various phenomena relating to the mixing and combining of colours depend on this.
    Wiki has a good article on colour vision.
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    See http://www.handprint.com/HP/WCL/wcolor.html" [Broken] for all the gory details.

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