Mk Ultra

  1. Ok somebody was bound to post a thread on this so what the hell, anybody got any interesting links or insights into this ?
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    Username, it seems that I just saw some declassified British Defense docs that mention or involve MK Ultra. I'm not could have been MJ12. You may want to look at the Rendlesham Forest case, 1980, on the second page of the UFO Napster. Also, there is a Rendlesham Forrest Website now…maybe or I think I have this listed somewhere in the Napster as well. This woman has done extensive research on this case and she may have a reference. If I spot something I will surely post it.
  4. Repeated from another thread.
  5. MK ultra is supposed to be about enslaving minds er, stargate is about remote viewing.
  6. I think the Aum Shinri Kyo cult in japan (the one responsible for the 1995 sarin underground attack) used some sort mind control devices for their followers dont know if this has anything todo with MK Ultra like programs or they were just completely nuts (maybe both?).
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