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MMC for Tesla coil, inquery

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    MMC for Tesla coil, inquery....

    Hello all,
    Every project of mine starts like this... I first need to consider my budget.

    So, I am wanting to build a Tesla coil. I can get everything needed for this, but I have concerns about the primary capacitor. As I have looked all about the internet for a forum for Tesla coil fanatics, I have found none and I come to you all. Might you help? Okay, so the capacitor is exposed to intensely high voltages at a really high charge/discharge frequency (appx. 150kHz). An option for the capacitor is to use an MMC array. This is simply an array of several small caps together. As I have read online, these arrays call for a multitude of caps in the low capacitance and high voltage range. Usually scaling appx. 0.0x uF with x000 volt-ability. However, I have like, literally, hundreds of caps that are not quite on this scale. They are 4 uF, 300v caps. According to my math, I can put about 200 in series and end up with just about the right total values needed. They would be perfect because they already have a resistor built into they too. So, that all works out, but the question: Is this a good idea?

    This seems to work mathematically and financially, but practically? Is there something I am missing here? I do not mind making this huge array if I can save a buck.

    Thanks for your help. Any help would be much appreciated.


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    Save a buck on what?
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    These caps, the 4uF ones, I have already. I have like 1000 of them, and I'd like to use them for something. They make terrible jewelry, and they are Japanese- from the 1980's, and I want to use them for something... for my Karma. Oh, I will weep to all those that have passed and lie in sorrowful misery each night until I use these capacitors for something. I mean, it was my friend that "found" the box of caps on a semi. I was just dressed up as a sheriff's deputy for a costume party. What a mess... Science, though is the solution. Thank you all. My blessings.

    Yeah, I don't want to buy any others. Will these 4uF caps work?
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