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Medical MMS - The World Cure?

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    What do you guys think of this? I have a few friends who have tried it and said it cured there flu/cold in literally two days. I was skeptical, but I am willing to try as my cousin is dying of cervical cancer so trying anything is a must.

    What do you think?

    http://www.miraclemineral.org/ [Broken]

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    Although I appreciate the reply, what science is there behind it being "Hogwash"? As that's why I like this forum, everything is backed up with fact, and not just "Statements"...

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    post something to back up your links then. the most obvious thing is that millions of people in Africa will be suffering from drinking water contaminated with pathogens. give them some bleach to sterilize their water and suddenly their health improves dramatically. wow, that means so much to someone here in the US that drinks chlorinated water every freaking day. i suspect there may even be some minuscule amounts of ClO2 in my drinking water. but guess what, IT DOESN"T CURE ANYONE"S HIV!
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    ah, here we go


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    What does that actually mean lol? Absolute no idea about Chemistry.
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    Sodium chlorite is toxic and an oxidant. It's not going to go into your body and destroy pathogens, it's going to destroy itself (and the tissue it comes in contact with) long before that.

    This is utter hogwash. It's not true. It could not be true. Pathogens are made out of the same stuff as we are. The same molecules. If something oxidizes proteins, it will oxidize proteins no matter if it's a virus protein or a human protein. They're the same thing, chemically. Not to mention cancer, which is of course entirely your own cells.

    Besides the damage it creates from direct oxidation, the resulting organochloride compounds are not nice stuff. DDT is an organochloride. So are PCBs.

    Chlorine dioxide is also known to react with organic molecules to form dioxins.

    And there's any amount of BS flying around on that page. Why would you believe any of it? Jeez. You need an 'activator' that's vinegar/acetic acid? And then swallow it? Where it'll reach your stomach which is 100-1000 times more acidic?

    These people don't know basic chemistry or basic physiology even.

    Well, FFS.. It's bleach. Not Clorox bleach (which is sodium hypochlorite solution), but a different kind of chlorine bleach.

    This is snake oil. Easily-debunked snake oil. And dangerous, fraudulent snake oil.
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    Thanks Alxm - cleared up for me nicely. I don't even understand Chemistry but I understand how you put it.

    Just wanted to check as obviously I will be doing all I can to help her through her cancer, so thanks :)
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    might just wanna go ahead and blacklist godlikeproductions, et al. its stated purpose is "UFOs, Conspiracy Theorists, Lunatic Fringe"
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    Yeah, it's a bit stupid over there. Got the link off Google after putting that MMS in.
  12. Sep 23, 2009 #11
    Rather you have had too many Red Bulls, are frustrated about something, or you are just rude.

    It was just a question. Normal answer would have done fine.
  13. Sep 23, 2009 #12
    no, actually you posted from there before and the thread got locked.
  14. Sep 23, 2009 #13
    you reaped what you sowed in your response to hypatia.

    now stop whining.
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    Wow, you don't half have a chip on your shoulder little man.

    Woosaaa...For you.

    Maybe try some Thai Chi or something? Might relieve some of that small man tension you have?

    Now stop thread jacking so I can get "Proper" "Appropriate" responses.

    Is this how you treat all the newcomers?
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    you're not allowed to promote lunatic fringe and conspiracy sites on this forum. and you know that. not only do you know that, but you're sarcastic and taunting about it.
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    Not only didn't I know that because I have been here about 1 week and don't spend 24 hours on it, I have never promoted anything, and it wasn't Lunatic Fringe or a Conspiracy, it was a question if something actually works to help a family member with cancer.

    Now honestly, go away, go and annoy someone else with little man syndrome, stop looking for brownie points off the owners. Your not a Mod so stop acting like one.
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    no, seriously, your very first post here was to link that site.


    and then you try to play dumb in this thread and act like it just came up on a google search for something else.

    but it doesn't matter. maybe you really aren't promoting or trolling. the site still needs to be blacklisted here. i'm sure you agree with that, at least.
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    The site can be black listed for all I care. I sometimes go on GLP to sift through the crap because sometimes things are posted which are relevant to me, and I want to get other opinions to see what it means. There was no harm in it at all. I wasn't playing dumb, I searched google for something like MMS cure after seeing it on the blogspot website (hence after posting THREE links) - anyways, I'm not even that much interested in chemistry I love Astronomy and thats why I came here, so don't worry, I wont be coming back to this section as you obviously own it.
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    Andy Resnick

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    I looked up both MMS (Methyl Methanesulfonate) and Chlorine Dioxide in the Merck manual, and I would not recommend anyone ingest either one. MMS is suspected to be a mutagen, teratogen, and carcinogen. Chlorine dioxide/ chlorine peroxide is strongly oxidizing in the presence of organic matter (i.e. explosive) and is also toxic.
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    Good place to close this thread.
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    A good note on sources is that if they're not linked with an immediately recognised scientific institution or journal, then be very wary of their claims.
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