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MO diagram of NO

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    I would like to know, in the MO diagram of NO should electrons put in the sigma MO first or pi MO first?
    that means , which one has a lower energy level for the MOs.

    For O2 , sigma was lower than pi bonding MO because of energy difference between 2s and 2pz, interaction say goodbye

    There is a line between N and O... so what about NO ?

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    Why don't you just try to calculate it with any freely available MO Program e.g. YaeHMOP, gamess?
    They aren't too difficult to use, run on any pc nowadays and you can learn a lot from it!
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    so, what can you guess or do when you attend an exam without pc?

    The major things I would like to know is the "in between", either one must be the correct MO diagram, right?
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    sigma is always lower than pi (or do you mean sigma*?)
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    not sigma*, it's sigma

    the relative position between sigma and pi bonding MO can vary from Li to N, and O to Ne
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