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Mobile alternative energy sources

  1. Jun 18, 2003 #1
    Hello there

    I was wondering just how much pollutionfree energy you can get into an automobile, and therefore I would like to know which energy sources in an appropriate size you guys / gals would suggest... Perferably accompanied by links to fairly thorough technology descriptions and prices... if you don't mind.
    To suggest the types of energysources here is a few ideas: Suncells, thermoelectrics, windenergy perhaps... I prefer electrical energy, since it seems it is the most efficient so far... Any suggestions are welcome... As you may have noticed it would be at "Hybrid" car using many different sources for energy, to make it as independent as posible... Also it is still very theoretical, so price is not really an issue... BUT nuclear power and vakuum energy and so forth is not an option... More like down to earth technology.
    Please help me on this one, it could be funny.

    Best regards

    Thomas Hansen
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