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Mobile Careers

  1. Nov 10, 2009 #1
    What career prospects are there for those of us who don't want to settle down? Are there jobs out there that let us work from home/on the go?
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    Field Engineer. Not literally a field, of course... but field engineers travel from customer site to customer site to either debug problems or setup demos for the sales force.
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    Truck driver :tongue2:?

    OK, seriously...lots of careers have a big travel component. Technical sales, for example. Often, a territory for a sales rep will cover several states.
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    You can also do consulting in pretty much anything. Or auditing. There are corporate rotational programs in many fields that allow you to move around for a few years after graduation. Larger companies may give you the opportunity to move every 2 or so years in the regular course of business, although your options may be limited.
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    You'll probably have an easier time finding a job/career if you enjoy traveling. As lisa points out, there are a lot of careers that involve frequent travel, and it's hard for them to hire people, because most people reach a stage in life when they just want to settle down and stay in one place. Put your interest in travel right on your resume, in your objective statement. After you describe the type of work you're interested in, put in a sentence like, "Ideal position would offer opportunities for travel; willing to relocate."

    The question is, how MUCH do you want to travel. You say working from home, which isn't mobile at all, so do you mean you don't want to just work at a desk, but want a home "base," or do you want to be sent on business trips once a month, once every six months, once a year, every week, etc.? Do you want to relocate to a new city every 6 months, or do you want to have a house in one place that you return to at the end of every trip? Or, do you really mean you just don't want to be tied to a rigid schedule and have to work in a cube farm, but rather would like to work from home and/or on your own schedule via telecommuting?

    Think about what you mean by mobile, then find what really suits your needs (and accept that you might not get it right away...you might have to spend a few years working at a desk in one office before a company decides you have enough knowledge to represent them on business trips to see clients at other locations, as an example).
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