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    When I access physics forums from my mobile phone (iPhone), I cannot view the normal forum. There is a "normal version" button, but clicking it does not change anything. I enjoy reading posts on the train, but it's rather difficult to navigate. Is there any way that I can disable the mobile version? I noticed a similar post, but the problem seems to remain unresolved.

    And there are still ads on the mobile site for users with subscriptions. I see that it was discussed here.

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    I would suggest using the Tapatalk app for better mobile browsing.
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    For those of us who are not-so-frequent-to-pf, spending 165 Rupees (as in India) for tapatalk doesn't seem to be a good idea now. I think having the normal version (with the ads), accessible in mobile devices would be better as an option for us and the site. Another problem with the mobile version is the absence of post numbers which are frequently referred to in long threads. And I would have reported a lot of inappropriate posts, mostly spammers trying to use pf for advertising their services, if I had the option in the mobile version.

    I wonder if it is that difficult to get the normal version accessible in mobile devices or are there other factors I've missed?
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    There is a function that detects mobile devices and it auto switches to the mobile skin. At the moment I am not sure how to flag it off.
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    Been trying to get back to PF.
    I have struggled and at last have
    This is after wasting valueble data bundles in google apps store downloading PF for androids. plain google search gave me this link.
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    Hmmm - it does not seem to consider my iPad to be a mobile device. IMO this is a good thing.
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    Tablets are considered desktop because of their large screen size
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