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News Mobile labs aren't labs, it seems

  1. Jun 16, 2003 #1
    "Mobile labs" aren't labs, it seems....

    It looks like the two supposed "mobile biological warfare labs" are, in fact, not. First, US/UK analysts disputed Bush et al's claims: http://query.nytimes.com/gst/abstract.html?res=F20E1EFD3C5D0C748CDDAF0894DB404482 . Tony Blair's government commissioned an investigation which found that they were used to produce hydrogen for artillery balloons (and probably sold to Iraq by a British company.) http://www.guardian.co.uk/Iraq/Story/0,2763,977916,00.html . Australia's PM just today claimed there were three trailers and the US/UK concluded "at least one" is involved in bioweapons production. It's looking mighty, mighty sketchy.

    Even if we do find a few weapons or trailers, though, I'm gonna be mighty pissed if we don't find anything like the 5,000 gallons of anthrax; several tons of VX nerve gas; 100 to 500 tons of other toxins, including botulinin, mustard gas, ricin and sarin; 15 to 20 Scud missiles; and mobile labs that were supposed to pose us a clear and present danger.

    Either Bush screwed up and/or massively lied about the existence of these guys; or else they were there and are gone. And if they're gone, I don't want to think about who might have them now. Consider the disturbing facts that the supposed bioweapons trailers were looted clean before being found, and that large amounts of radioactive waste were looted from the Tuwaitha nuclear facility after American troops stopped by and left again.... http://www.msnbc.com/news/912073.asp?0cv=KB10
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    Did they ever find the huge underground complex? or?
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    Here's a hint at the truth...there were troops assigned to secure teh oil fields within days...there was a known nuclear plant that was left to be stripped of uranium, and was stumbled upon by American troops a few weeks after the takeover.

    (Just as an aside, I know the sorts of trucks we're talking about...I don't think you could create a sterile and safe weapon in one of them...without accidentally killing everyone around you)
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