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Mobile phone

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    My 3 year-old Sony Ericsson was spoilt, so i checked out for information about the latest mobile phone and discovered that so many things had happened to mobile phone technology, it is really attracting!

    What mobile phone are you using?
    Do you need MMS, internet, camera, polyphonic ringtone etc......:bugeye:
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    Umm, choosing a mobile phone really depends on what u really want. FOr example, PDA system, radio, stylish, easy to use, 3G, big size, small size, light.......

    I am currently using SE W800, quite like it.
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    Mine has a video camera, 1MP camera with autofocus and flash, Bluetooth, infrared, video messaging, MP3 player, 512Mb memory stick, an SOS light, email, internet access, an FM radio, email, and dozens of other random features like calculators and poker.

    The only things I ever use are text messaging, and the phone.
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    All I care about is talk-time and sound clarity.

    - Warren
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    Hmm I think should think whether you need that function in the first place or not. Im using a n-gage qd ( i made mistake sold my n-gage). And follow the amount the budget you can affort. Everyday there will be better phone so choose wisely
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    Being a gadget guy, my friends make fun of me that I have a dinosaur of a phone, but that is all I care about too. I want gadgets, but they have to be good gadgets - ie, why would I want to pay extra to have the crappiest digital camera on the face of the earth on the backside of my cell phone?
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    In addition to talk-time and sound clarity, I went for size...I wanted one small enough to slip into my pocket or purse (I only carry a small purse, so not much room for a clunky phone) easily. Oh, and it had to vibrate. :rolleyes: My previous phone didn't have a vibrate feature, so when I was on a noisy street, I couldn't hear it ring and missed calls.

    As for ring tones, I wish I could find one that just rang. I don't need showtunes, or grandfather clocks, or symphonies, I just want to know the phone is ringing! Though, I pretty much keep mine on "manner mode" (i.e., vibrate) all the time.

    I don't need cameras, music, email, text messaging, games, or any of the other stuff they try to sell you on.
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    Exactly. I purposefully got a phone with no camera picture messaging crap. Mine looks cool though! http://x7.putfile.com/2/4017372619.gif [Broken]
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    Wow! nice phone !

    Well, but it is all really depends on how much u want to spend and what u really want. As for me, i really like to have one PDA phone since i can organize my schedule, use some helpful software anywhere without bringing 2 gadget.
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    I just bought a Sony Ericsson J210i, cheap.
    Another 2 years i will buy a walkman handphone.
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