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Mobile phones. Computers.

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    Why mobile phone start to vibrate giving you the signal that the phone is going to ring if the telephone is near to computer, or monitor?
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    Do you have the phone on ring/vibrate mode?

    Perhaps you don't notice the vibration before the ring when the phone is in your pocket or other location.
    Have you tested it such as on the kitchen table away from other electronics to see if it vibrates.
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    You're saying the computer interferes with the phone causing it to vibrate in the absence of any incoming call?
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    My phone makes a noise to indicate loss of data connection. Is it possible that the phone is loosing WIFI or 3G data connection due interference?
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    Fringe reception of WIFI can cause heavy battery consumption (as can fringe phone connection) perhaps the OP (or you) have some notification set up which gives your vibration. Does the battery charge apparently suffer?
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