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Mobile Wireless

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    How many of you use your mobile device as a wireless modem for your laptop?

    It took me a while to figure out how to do it since my carrier Sprint likes its customers to believe that they have to pay extra for this "service" even though it's simply a matter of routing the data from your device to your laptop. Fortunately I found a program called PDANet from June Fabrics that helps tech illiterate people such as myself accomplish this. I've read though that if Sprint believes I am doing this they will cut my data service. So I was also wondering if anyone has had issues with their carrier for not paying extra to use their data service in this fashion?
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    I did for a long time on my PDA. I used verizon's quick to net. It was very slow then but it was the only portable solution I had. I worked nights at the time and with free nights and weekend minutes it cost nothing.
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    Whe Sprint sees that you have higher modem use than talk time, they will shut you off.

    If you use so little bandwidth that it is not detectable, then you might be ok.

    Also phone as moden service is extremely fast as opposed to just ucing your phone as modem.
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    I generally talk very little on my phone and my data service use has probably always been higher than my actual talk time.
    Hmmm.. What do they do that makes it so much faster?
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    I happen to have such a mobile phone gadget that makes it possible to go online and have a fast connection, anywhere in the Netherlands, as long as you got power on the laptop. But not in Germany :-(

    Monthly rate is very decent

    It's not simple though nor consistent. Going online can be a nerve-racking experience.
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    They switch your service to the high speed data network instead of the slower voice network. But your phone needs to be EVDO capable.
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