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Mobility and degrees of freedom

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    Hi guys,

    Just a quick question. In my lecturers notes, he has mobility and degrees of freedom as different things. With a separate equation for each.

    However, when I went searching the net for some info because I couldnt understand the notes, I found it to be different.

    The sites I found on the web, which look legit, say they are the same thing.

    My lecturers notes say that Mobility = 3n-2p1-p2. And degree of freedom = MO -L.

    I have no idea what that L means.

    Can anyone explain this to me?
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    define mobility
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    Degrees of freedom

    Degrees of freedom is given by

    N= number of links
    p=numberof lowerpair
    h=number of higher pair

    lower pairs are sliding pair,cylindrical pair,spherical pair
    higher pairs have only point contact.
    eg;cam and follower
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