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Mobility of electrons

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    why the mobility of electrons more than holes despite the fact that electrons have larger effective mass than holes.
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    What system are you talking about? In Si and GaAs, the (transport) effective mass of electrons is smaller than that of holes.

    Note: In general, the transport effective mass will differ from the DOS effective mass, particularly if the valley degeneracy is not 1 or if there is a large anisotropy in the structure.
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    I am talking about DOS effective mass.....
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    did anyone ever answer this question about the http://www.3gcgroup.com/" [Broken] of the electrons?
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    Don't the electrons have to move in order for holes to move? How else do you get holes?
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    Please pay attention to the dates of the posts, your last post was in a 6 year old thread, this one is 4 years old.
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