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Mobius Strip String Theory?

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    OK, I was just thinking to my self for a little while and I came up with some strange idea, that now that i think of it might actualy have some sense in it. It will be difficult to understand, but I'll try...

    A diagram is in the attached file. The diagram represents a single string at a single point in time. The blue represents a possitive charge, and the red represents a negative charge, they both coexist within two seperate dimentions. The charges travel at c, and therefore the "mobius strip" string can have two sides at any point in time. The reason that the string forms into a "mobius strip" is because the opposites attract law, and the string must twist in order for the opposite charges that are on oppostite sides of the string to attract, this causes there to be two more dimentions of space, and because of the nature of the energy also imposses time into a third additional dimention. With the creation of two more physical dimentions, two more physical forces appear, these forces are electricity and magnitism. This theory also agrees with special relativity, because the speed of the charges traveling within the string is that of c, therefore when a string is accelerated to relative speeds it obeys the SR laws.

    tell me what you think of this theory.


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    it s a great theory... perhaps it belongs in theory development?
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    The reason Mobius strips are disallowed is because in the process of twisting, the surface of the world-sheet ends up reversing the time dimension. And at some portion of this Mobius surface the sheet represents infinite speeds, the sheet having some increase in space dimension with no corresponding time movement.
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    Re: Re: Mobius Strip String Theory?!

    Unoriented worldsheets, like the Möbius strip, are allowed in string theory, and do not require any "infinite speeds"
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    I have tried to find a better way of explaining this

    In the attached file you will see how a 2 dimentional membrane is folded into our 3 dimentional universe, this means there are 5 dimentions with time being the 6th.

    Shouldn't all string theory be in theory developement?

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