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Homework Help: Mobius Syndrome

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    I'm looking for large to medium sized images for Mobius Syndrome or anything related to that. I've had a hard time finding them on the internet.

    I found a few pictures where patients had crossed-eyes, but I couldn't access them out of ask jeeves w/o signing-up for an account.

    Then I searched images of Chromosome 13, but again...nothing.
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    I confess that my first reaction was to wonder what this has to do with math or physics- but I guess "Moebius" was a mathematician!

    Notice the spelling. In German it is "o umlaut"- two dots over the o and in a font that does not supply that character, it is common add an e after the o to indicate the umlaut.

    I went to "Google.com" (my personal preference), entered "Moebius Syndrome" and got a lot of hits- among them "www.MoebiusSyndrom.com".
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    And the images are where?


    Or did you have have a tough time finding them like me?

    I checked both Jeeves and Google.
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    No, I didn't have a tough time finding them!

    In response to your first post, I used google.com with "Moebius Syndrome" and found a number of sites about it. Since I thought you would like to do your homework yourself, I simply reported that fact and suggested that perhaps adding the "e" after the o would help.

    Apparently that was not the problem but I'm not clear on what your problem is. It occured to me that, perhaps, people who have this problem don't WANT their pictures on public display!

    In fact, that is not the case either. After reading your reply, I went back to google, entered "Moebius Syndrome" again and this time followed the links. The first had a lot of information (which I found very interesting since I, myself, have "third nerve palsy"- I was never sure before exactly what the "third nerve" was!) but no pictures.

    The SECOND link I tried had a link labeled "Rogues Gallery" and it has links to many pictures.

    Try this: http://www.moebius1.org/ [Broken]

    Now, in fact, Moebius Syndrome is basically a nerve problem that makes it difficult or impossible to move parts of the face so these people do NOT look particularly unusual in a still photo!
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