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Moby with a new album out

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    I got on iTunes and noticed that Moby had a new cd. I had not bought a cd in a long time so I thought, why not? It is very good. In my opinion, one of his best. However if you did not like play or 18, stay away. It is typical Moby.
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    I wonder if Eminem is going to make fun of him again, like did in the video "Without me" :biggrin:
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    i loved play by Moby. haven't checked out any other music from him, any recommendations?
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    18 and hotel (his newest) are both good. Most sites will let you listen to a 30 second sample to see if you like it iTunes is this way.

    Extreme ways - 18
    Raining Again - Hotel

    Those were the best of each album in my opinion.
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    too much Moby vocals on this one..

    I liked his more instrumental stuff
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