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Mocktail Ideas?

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    Ok, so my college has this BIG "mocktail" competion every year. Each student activity group comes up with a unique mocktail (cocktail without alcohol), that somewhat relates to the organization. The mocktails are then taste tested and voted on.

    So I'm in chemistry society and I've been told I'm creative, so now I'm under pressure to come up with something fun, clean, & good tasting. Last year the officers of the Junior Class used Junior Mints as their theme, and made a chocolate-mint kinda mocktail that won.

    Any ideas???
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    Something tropical with papaya, guavo, mango nectar or a combination thereof, mixed with some ginger beer. Can it be carbonated?

    A friend used to make a smashing tropical smoothie at his place in San Diego. His secret was to use a banana for texture and a generous amount of fresh ginger, which he followed with a fresh apple in the juicer to make sure he got all the ginger. The rest was something like mango, and I can't remember the rest. But the ginger really stood out.
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    Glowing Cocktails...
    Because presentation is very important. The link says that the quinine in tonic water is photoreactive with ultraviolet and black lights. Combine that with some sort of beaker or test tube to serve it in and it should fit very well with your theme. So far as taste testing goes though there may be some difficulty since quinine is a bit bitter and you need a decent amount of tonic to get the glow effect to work. They have some recipes there too. If you can figure out what will make good non-alcoholic substitutes for what their listed ingredients are then you should have an interesting mocktail to say the least. The recipes should give you a good idea of what flavors go well with tonic.
    You can also use dry ice to make a cocktail bubbly and foggy.
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    Hmm I like your ideas Astronuc, & it would definetly taste great! But I need to tie it in with the chemistry theme...glowing drinks would be perfect! Now if only I can get them to taste like the tropical ones!!!

    Thanks guys!
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