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Modal vibration geometries for a cantilever: free vibration vs. forced vibration?

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    A computer model has found geometries and frequencies associated with various vibration modes of my cantilever (see pictures). The model only accounts for an anchor at the far end and material properties of each layer.

    In reality the bottom layer is piezoelectric, it is glued to the glass top layer.
    When AC voltage is applied to the piezo layer it tries to expand and contract length wise (long direction).
    This periodic driving force results longitudinal (long ways) and transverse (vertical) displacement of the cantilever.

    The long ways displacement results because of the exposed piezo part.
    The vertical displacement results because the piezo deforms under the glass and causes it to bend up and down.

    Will the piezoelectric driving force (that is only transverse and longitudinal) cause torsional or lateral modes?
    Do all of these mode types occur in real life with a driving force?

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