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Model of a rocket

  1. Jan 3, 2012 #1
    I'm modelling a rocket leaving to outer space and I want to incorporate air resistance in the model. I however have no clue what the drag coefficient as well as the cross sectional area of a typical rocket would be. Can someone help me on this?
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    Try a web search for "saturn v simulation", which will produce a few links. I didn't check to see how much actual data these sites had.
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    Are you modeling a "typical rocket"?

    When the rocket leaves, who, or what is in it?

    Some form factors will be dictated by what your ship is supposed to do out there.

    If it has to be a certain size to fit what it needs to, well, use those dimensions.

    Once you have some dimensions, you can play around with the math/see if an appropriate example is available.

    Is this for a non-critical purpose, such as a game, or, is it important to be "right"?
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