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Model Rocket design:FYP: help?

  1. Aug 25, 2007 #1
    I would like to seek your assistance and help regarding my project, and I would like to know if you have an ideas for projects on an appropriate level of required skill related to rocketry.

    Presently i have two field options in mind ..
    .structures and CFD
    and i have a thinking about designing a rocket system. that means its structure,fuel, etc ,its flight path and specifications and its CFD and structural analysis.
    and also build a prototype of it.

    i would love to hear frm fellows who can help me in this regard.

    your emails are also welcomes for such regard


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    Welcome to PF, Crazyaafi.
    Please restrict your posts to default text; strange fonts and colours and sizes are kind of irritating. They can be used sparingly for emphasis, but are not generally appreciated.
    I'm not sure about others here, but I would need more information regarding your 'level' and the requirements of your project.
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    Thanks "Danger"

    for da responce...
    actually i tried to bold out da words of importance..any hows..

    about the project..

    Well i am presentlyy starting my 4TH<final year >>for my ungrad.studies.

    Actualyy this project is the FINAL YEAR PROJECT for my BE Degree..
    I hope dis thing helps you understand my level.
    requirements dpend on the limits one decides for himself..
    i have a thinking to do it practically alsoo along with theoritical work on designing and anlysis of a model rocket..means i also would like to get it manufactured and them test fire it as a demo.

    ..hoping your responce..
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    I'm a total amateur at just about everything, so I don't know that I can be of much help. About my only advantage is that I pretty much always think 'outside of the box'.
    Given your advanced level, I assume that your project would be quite a sophisticated rocket: liquid fuel, high-altitude, possibly multi-stage, highly instrumented, etc..
    Acronyms drive me nuts, because the same ones are used for a lot of different things. I must assume (again) that by CFD you mean Computational Fluid Dynamics. I know nothing about that, but it would suggest to me that your primary interests would be fuel delivery and nozzle design, as well as possibly the aerodynamics of the whole machine.
    Depending upon the scale that you choose, you might have some legal issues regarding the launching of it. Might be best to check out the regulations before getting too far into the project.
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    welll bro...

    the thing is dat i havent yet started off any thing..at moment this is just my begining..
    i am yet to decide with any thing as fuel and altitude..

    wethr it should b liquid or solid etc

    i em just asking you ppl to help me go thru dis process iwth ease

    ..and advices to make up a guideline for me...
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    You probably will have to wait for others with far more knowledge in that area than I have. My recommendation, though, is that you decide upon one single objective that you want to attain and focus upon that. As a for instance, you might want to mount tranducers in the skin to record pressure gradients along the body of the rocket during flight. If so, the design of the rocket itself would be subordinate to your instrumentation/telemetry package.
    If you wanted instead to investigate nozzle efficiency, the shape of the rocket and the type of fuel would be irrelevant.
    What interests you most about the project?
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    welll dude..
    actualyyy datx a big problem at while
    ..i em much confused about which way to chose and wat to go for...

    if i have soem suggestion about whats more easier adn more betr to go ...dat wud help me:S

    as far i feel ..
    i wan to design a rocket structure dat has a performce say a 10 kilometer ov altitude etc.
    and work about its chracteristics.

    and once done with this i would also lyk to prototype manufacture it wth altitude ov 1 km.

    ...yeaaa i hope soo dere wd b many fellows coming in soon to help out..

    any hows

    wat u say?
    shud i go with evry thing about a rocket

    or is it betrr to work with a Missile?
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    Anything that flies is technically a missile, whether it's the Space Shuttle or a rock coming out of a slingshot. I think that in popular useage, a rocket is considered a 'missile' if it has a guidance system. In that case, an unguided rocket would be the easiest to design and build.
  10. Aug 26, 2007 #9
    try n get some videos first. they help a lot. confederate rocket, solami rocket in mythbusters should do a good start
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