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Model Rocketry Licensing

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    If your rocket is of a certain power range you need a certain license. My question is of you need these license's if you are only doing horizontal thrusts tests and never actually launching it vertically into the air?
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    I would think this question can only be answered by someone with a knowledge of your local laws and regulations.
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    Well i was hoping someone would be in NAR, but the president of NAR already answered my question.
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    Years ago I was into model rocketry, and a NAR member. IRRC, a model rocket is under one pound and uses only up to an F motor. Horizontal launch is not permitted in NAR.

    Rockets over one pound or with greater than F power are considered amateur rockets and must have launches permitted in advance by aviation authorities, and launched only in designated areas, IRRC.

    Local laws and regulations have progressively restricted model rocketry from schoolyards and playgrounds in my city, but it is still allowed in outlying areas.
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    Interesting. This wouldn't be a rocket just a rocket engine tested in a laboratory. for thrust measurements. No horizontal launch is being done as long as you mean launch as letting it move. I'm not with the NAR i just called them because i figured they would know.

    Is it difficult to get launches permitted by aviation authorities. I'm assuming you're referring to the FAA?
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    In the US, the FAA is the regulating authority for such matters. The regulatory areas of interest for model rocketry, commercial space flight, etc. are discussed here:

    https://www.faa.gov/air_traffic/publications/atpubs/AIR/air3101.html [Broken]

    The Code of Federal Regulations is published annually and can be found here:


    Only you know all the details of what you plan to do with this rocket motor, so good luck wading thru this material.
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    Thanks for the help!
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