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Model Water Rockets Design

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    Hello friends,
    I am just a begginer of model rocketary. I just felt it is better to start with water rockets since i cant get much of the rocketary kits in the place i am living with.
    I know it is not such big topic to be discussed under a engineering thread, but still as an amateur i will engineer this small project first.
    I knew the basic physics behind rocket propulsion so i beleive can manage.
    Any suggestion or links to follow,
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    An interesting point to look at is the ratio of air to water to use! Should keep you busy and teach you something.
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    i have got the idea of model but finding har to get fitting the launcher sine it needs a lot of fix ups.
    any easy immediate to try methods, so it will get me more interesting
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    Depends on what level you want to build the thing at. We used to use a simple riveted aluminium frame, with a little turned steel air adaptor which fitted into the neck of the rocket, and a cable operated (release pin) three-arm sprung release mechanism.

    How good a rocket do you want to make, and what resources do you have?
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    You could fabricate a Water Rocket from Carbon Tubing, You may be able to Fabricate a Fiber Glass Nose Cone, The Jet Nozzle can be Fabricated from Heavy duty PVC Fittings. If you could get the PSI up to 120 then a 6 foot Water Rocket would leave your site when it took off.

    Warning!!! You may not find it!

    Test the Maximum PSI rating first.

    We use to build these out of Pepsi 2 Liter Bottles, They were quite fun!

    I have a lot of experience building them from odds and ends.

    You could build one out of pure PVC Pipe Material but what fun is that.

    Super Strength Materials but super light weight is your target.
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    Other things that one must never do with a Water Rocket!

    Never use the following as replacements for Water Rocket Fuel.

    1. Gasoline
    2. Liquid Ether
    3. Kerosine
    4. Liquid Nitrous Oxide
    5. Alcohol
    6. Lighter Fuel
    7. Charcoal Starter Fluid
    8. Acid
    9. Freon
    10. Liquid Nitrogen
    11. Liquid Oxygen
    12. Vinager, especially with Baking Soda mix

    A 2 liter Bottle Water Rocket can be filled to 60 PSI and will reach an altitude of 200 ft on a non windy day with 12 oz of Water, you may reach higher altitudes with better aerodynamics like adding a nose cone and smaller fins and adding a little more Water.

    It is better to use PVC Products because there is PSI specifications for parts available and fittings that can be worked with very easly, when joining parts make sure to make abrasive scratches on the joining surfaces so that when the joints are joined will allow the Epoxy to grip the Plastic better when under high PSI, make sure your abrasive scratches are ringed around the pipe and not linear with the pipe.

    Use Industrial Epoxy and not PVC Pipe Glue, Industrial Epoxy will hold under pressure better, JB Weld works pretty good when mixed properly has a High tolerance for PSI and can be used for joining your parts. JB Weld can be purchased at any Hardware Store.
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    can you actaully make a pipe rocket ,not a pipe launcher yeh that can be used on a water rocket model.FONT]
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