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Modeling a Differential Equation for Air Strut Pressure and Volume

  1. Aug 23, 2013 #1
    Hello all,

    Would love for someone to help me get a solution for this.

    So, in essence I am trying to model a differential equation for the following scenario: (I am currently achieving this through Excel, but I'm certain a mathematical representation can make things more concise and efficient.)


    To give a run down: I have an initial Strut Volume and Pressure. I have calculated the Air Flow, Flow Rate. Now, the Volume added to the strut is just Flow Rate×delta time. But, the problem is that Air Flow and Flow rate change when the Strut Volume changes, and as a result the Pressure changes as well. So, apart from an iteration in Excel with small time-steps, I can't wrap my head to come up with another method. I know there's a differential equation that can be modeled around this. I just can't get the ball rolling.

    I would greatly appreciate if someone can help.
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