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Modeling and Measuring an Electromagnetic Coil in ANSYS HFSS

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    I've been attempting to model a simple electromagnetic coil using HFSS, and have so far been unsuccessful. I have no problems constructing the coil; this is a simple geometry problem. I have a wire of a known geometry with insulation surrounding the wire, then a construct a helical path and then sweep along the path. So, once I have the coil constructed, I can't seem to figure out how to produce results. What I'd like to do is a simple impedance measurement (or several at different frequencies). From what I've gathered, I should excite the coil with a current source, but I am not very confident beyond that. Is there anyone here who knows HFSS and may have a suggestion for how to best accomplish this? Should I put an infinite ground plane nearby? Should I put the coil in a box? How do I measure the impedance of the coil?

    One of the challenges is that the meshing of the coil takes quite a long time, so the trial & error turnover rate is slow.
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