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Modeling Piezoelectric sensor in ABAQUS

  1. Nov 24, 2009 #1
    Well i have tried modeling a PZT actuator in d33 mode in abaqus and the model worked as desired. But, when i m trying to model a piezoelectric sensor in d33 mode the results are not as desired. Just to check the modeling procedure, i gave same properties of the actuator to the sensor. For boundary conditions, i gave a compression pressure of 15MPa on top surface of the block and constrained the bottom surface (i gave no external voltage) and in output i asked for deflection and electric potential as nodal variables.
    The problem is if i set the d33 value to zero the block shows desired mechanical deformation. But, the moment i give d33 value the results become unacceptable.

    Kindly help me to find the source of error and model the sensor correctly. i've been through abaqus user's manual for help but the problem is still there. If u want a detailed problem description i can give it to you. Thanks in advance.
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