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Modeling S-Lay acitivity

  1. Apr 26, 2008 #1
    Hi everybody, I am trying to model offshore pipeline s-laying by ansys. In this method, the pipeline is layed by a lay barge. Upper end of the pipeline is held by laybarge and the lower end is seated on the seabed. The water depth is for example 50 meters. Tensions in the pipe is controlled by the tension exterted on the lay barge to the pipe to control pipeline catenary shape curvature. The main problem in this case is to find out touch down point of the pipeline and seabed. I have modeled the pipe using pipe59 element and contact between pipe and seabed is defined by CONTA178 element. Everything should be O.K. but the following errors appears and sulotion error does no performs. Please help me to solve the problem

    *** WARNING *** SUPPRESSED MESSAGE CP = 5.406 TIME= 16:39:25
    Contact stiffness kn in element 857 has not been defined. ANSYS uses
    2.165E+09 instead.

    *** ERROR *** SUPPRESSED MESSAGE CP = 5.578 TIME= 16:39:26
    For material 1 at temperature 0, the initial slope of the stress-strain
    curve based on the TB,MISO table ( 55100000 ) is less than EX (
    216500000 ).

    *** WARNING *** SUPPRESSED MESSAGE CP = 5.578 TIME= 16:39:26
    No constraints have been defined using the D command.

    *** ERROR *** SUPPRESSED MESSAGE CP = 5.578 TIME= 16:39:26
    The step data was checked and there were errors found.
    Please check output or errors file ( C:\Documents and
    Settings\ghodoosi.m\LAY1_60TON_NOSP.err ) for messages.

    *** WARNING *** SUPPRESSED MESSAGE CP = 5.578 TIME= 16:39:26
    The program chosen initial timestep/load-factor is arbitrary. It is
    necessary for the user to supply a suitable initial
    timestep/load-factor through the NSUB or DELTIM command for
    convergence and overall efficiency.
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